Saturday, September 16, 2017

A gentle wish

Enjoying the cloudy weather, I returned home on weekend.  At quarters,I tend to walk corner to corner, enjoying the greenery. On one such stroll at night, I was wished by security with a question
 “Oota Ayitha.” I was fumbled for a second and he asked again with a concern, “oota Ayitha”

I've never stayed at those quarters for long. I barely knew people.
A gentle smile, honest concern, simple question. I was touched by the gesture. Immediately I answered him, "Ayithu.”

There were times I ignored the crowd to avoid social conversations. There were times, I indulged in social conversations for the sake of being social. This simple wish and concern pushed me to be honest and concerned whenever possible.

Also this question reminded me of Carolyn.  She told me that, any where in Karnataka, people wish each other by the question, “Oota Ayitha.”

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