Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Movie- We are the World

As I spotted a cover of We are the World sung by friend, I enjoyed it and forgot about it. As I was browsing Netflix, I could spot a documentary on how the song got ideated, written, sung and spread through the world. Activist Harry Belanfonte wished to do something on the lines of what Band aid group did for charity and reached out to Ken Kragen and approached musicians. Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson wrote the song, Quincy jones produced it and managed to get all the legends in one room and sing for a single purpose. To be there for each other and help others in need. This time, under the label USA for Africa, they've sung for famine relief. 

This song is a testimony of how we can come together to help each other. I loved the way Quincy managed to bring all these star musicians and never bothered to pamper their ego. 

Tales narrated through the technical crew was also interesting. Loved to witness the whole process. Enjoyed it. 

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