Monday, February 12, 2024

Poetry- Measuring time through memories

Friend shared a thought on how time is measured through memories and how the friend remembers the happy memories vividly and do not remember anything when the time was bit depressing. I wrote this piece, trailing with the thought- we measure time through memories. 

Musing on the thought that we measure time through memories.

I contemplated on how memories are influenced by attention and intention.
I wondered how a man with seven second memory talked of memories and music.

Attentive or intentional, the body keeps memories that we like, dislike, accept, reject until we feel the feelings that arrive like clouds in the sky, I felt.

The act of being attentive to life and moments, am I treasuring up more memories?
Treasuring up more memories, am I feeling all the feelings I got?

I walked down the memory highway and measured time, it was cold, cozy, painful, dawn, dusk, ecstatic, warm, weary, worrisome, blue morning, twilight, tiring, tornado like, hot, heavy, heartful, teary, spring, sulking, monsoon, GMT and all that's perceived through my attention and intention.

It's time, I better measure up my laugh and laugh.

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