Monday, February 26, 2024

Geneva Journals- Jurg Frey Mobilite et mouvement

As usual, got the ticket and entered the hall and to my surprise, there was an installation on the stage. I got very excited to see the lighting and aesthetics of the stage and walked to the front seats to get a good view. Placed in an semi oval shape, the empty chairs and us, the audience were waiting for the show to be started. 

I was elated and curious to witness this performance. Contrechamps is an ensemble which is into experimental music, interested in collaboration with varied artists. I witnessed this ensemble's performance at Nuit electroacoustique and was thrilled at it. Composed by Jurg Frey, the one hour music concert was uplifting. 

I closed my eyes for sometime and got immersed in music. There's a lot of silence and fragility in the piece and also there's clear space for different instruments leaving us to ponder on the rhythm. Adding to this, there was an installation by Catherine Bolle that seemed to be sensuous and airy. 

I enjoyed watching my favourite violinist, the old chap and a celloist, who is very keen to observe the instructions of the conductor. Every musician seemed very distinct in their performance and behaviour. I wonder what it takes to concentrate and perform at these kinda concerts, as there were some noisy sounds- baby cry, dropping phone, a few sneezes and coughs, from the audience. 

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