Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Holidays with Harry- Responsibility and Projection

As I caught up with Harry, sharing what's happening in life, he mentioned of the lesson he was talking in his last class. 


"We can keep working on skills, techniques and along with that, mental preparation is critical. If we are not in right mind space, we can be more effective. Mostly it's about the beliefs."

I immediately could reflect on how I wanted something in life but, had a contradiciting belief about it. I could witness the impact of beliefs on us. "True Harry," I began to share my story of how I received a money help after I began to work on belief that 'I'm not worthy enough of having money in life.' 

As we continue to work on our beliefs and be in the growing mind space, we can be more aware on how 

Also, a lot about projecting. Many a times, we project our unacceptable feelings on someone and react to them. When we are upset with other's behaviour, it could be the behaviour that we're judging and being upset. Or many a times, we're denying such behaviour in us. I could reflect on the times, I was projecting a lot on others. Time to reflect on what I'm upset in other's behaviour. 


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