Sunday, February 11, 2024

Friends- Alvida Chandu

During my college orientation, the first person I noticed was Chandu. Tall, handsome, full of smiles, was playing some funny sounds on phone and was giggling as it was retorting to the boring speech of the day. I remember his smile very well. Chandu got into automobile engineering and myself in mechanical engineering. Both the branches shared same building and also both of us were hostlers. I remember spending some fondful memories in my first year. My birthday in B6 and conversations at B11- a happening place for Chandu, iragam, swapnil and other friends. Chandu is into gaming and we often ran into each other in hostel and hung out casually, sharing stories. As the boys moved to Bowrampet and Rahul used to hang out with them the most, thanks to gaming, we caught up with them now and then in college, at Bowrampet Villa and other parties. 

I always found Chandu to live in the moment and also acts more than contemplating on what to do. He got into many ventures and did a lot. Will miss his smile, will miss his presence. Keep smiling Chandu wherever you are. 

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