Monday, February 26, 2024

Memories- Azhar and I

Azhar shared this collage that has taken me to a memory lane. A lot of journeys, conversations, silences, shayari, food and memories. Let me jot down few stories that flash up as I glance through this collage. 

1) Our trip to Kumbalgarh
2) At Jaisalmer - One of classic December trip with all the lovedones. 
3) At Mandvi - Just before we began the adventure. 
4) At Mandvi beach- I am amused by camels and always wanted to get on camel ride. 
5) At Kala Dungar- Gujarat- Sudheer offered us car and off we went on to the roads of Gujarat
6) At Sirohi, Baba Ramdev while both of us seemed to be on official visit
7) At Jaipur- Time when we caught up over lunch at Barbeque
8) During COVID times I guess
9) On our visit to Kumbalgarh, Pali 
10) In one of Rajasthan's greenery places
11) At Ranakpur temple
12) 2022 picture, not sure of the location. 

At the end of the day, when you have time, did you make it count or not? We're glad we made it count and got a lot of memories. Thanks Azhar for sharing this. Loved walking down the memory lane. 

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