Friday, July 2, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Mansi & I

 On my last day in Sirohi, as the truck left, I was ready to leave. Mansi's mom called out Mansi to tell that I'm leaving. Mansi ran out of home and asked, "Jaare ho?" The little kid is worried of choclates. "Ab kaun dilaayega chocolates mujhko?" She asked. For the last time, I bought two chocolates and offered to Mansi and Nyra. 

Nyra was a year old kid who didn't speak a word when we came. Now she calls out names. "Dyuuuuu. Abhinayyyy" She calls. 

Living in Sirohi for two years, I had good time with these little children neighbors. They used to imitate the way we used to go to our school, call out whenever we're going from home and coming to home, have a chat with Dyu and I during the COVID times.

I cherish the times I spent with these bright kids. 

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