Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Course Learnings- Conflict resolution through Dialogue

 Today, we discussed on active listening. Discussing prior on hostile talking and neutral talking, we've moved further and reflected on active listening. What it takes to actively listen.

 We can actively listen by paying attention to

1) Facts

2) Feelings

3) Emotions, values, issue

4)Body Language

One way or the other, we'd be judging but, we need to postpone our judgements before we listen. We need to value and acknowledge rather than denying their problems, feelings and emotions. 

We've seen two examples where in one case, we can see how people hear, in another people actively listen. 

I liked the way, Sourav could relate the actively listening example to Gurpreet's article. 

If we were shown this topics in the beginning, there'd be of no context and value to why we're learning this. 

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