Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jaipur Journals- Gardening

 Today I walked up to the terrace finding Piyush watering the plants. Strolling along with him, I asked what he was doing. With a lot of zeal, he explained me little things that matter in the farming. At first, I thought the yellow card was futile. It's an insect trap. At the early stage, in an acre they put 20+ cards that attract the flies and get stick to it. This is one way to eradicate the flies. 

He mentioned. Spotting the bindi flowers, he pointed out the red web. This is red smitten. One simple way is to remove it with water. And he went on cleaning  the leaves. Amazed by a lot of leaves, He shared how chemicals works, fungus work how chemicals are interconnected. 

"It's just like human body. If we don't have calcium, it can't take other chemicals. It's complex. 

Cutting the fresh vegetables, he got an instrument discussing, there's a ph value in the soil. We need to check the soil. We can check in this way. 

First two years, it went well. Despite putting fertilizers, I couldn't understand. Then I understood the acidity of the soil is becoming low. In that case, we can add vinegar or bit lemon. 

Discussing the plants, he advised me to not put too much of water to Aloe Vera. Once in four days. At beginning, water the plant well. He told. 

While Ambika  and I were discussing the office , he went on and cleaned the space. Coco was down with vaccination. I was walking hard to burn all the delicious aloo paratha, sabji, dal, kheer I had over the day. 

Excited to learn a bit everyday with Piyush about gardening. 

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