Friday, July 2, 2021

Stories from Sirohi-Bideu

Officially, I'm moving out of Sirohi. Everytime I walk into office, I'm asked, "Abhi bhi idhar ho. Jaipur nahi Nikla?" Looks like, everyone wanted me to move to Jaipur asap. Finally, moving out of Sirohi for Jaipur. Shankar picked me up and both of us took a bike ride to Aburoad. From there, I got a train to catch up. As ever, Azhar hosted me and together, Azhar, Shankar and I had a dinner. Mutton rice and salad. Lovely dinner. It seemed one of those usual times where we're together, making food and enjoying the day but, it's not the same. We may not meet at the same frequency. I'm no more an hour away to them. It's been two years three months in Sirohi. There's a lot that I miss in Sirohi. I miss Sandeep who welcomes heartily and chats with Dyu and I, sharing his life. Thanks Sandeep for bidding me farewell by offering me your special Dabeli.  Altaf who's the reason for most of our happiness. Just a nod and a wink, he understands the order and keeps the meat for us. There are a lot of people whom we interact with. For a few, we matter. For others, our departure may not make a difference. Grateful for everything. 

Life seemed to be all about enjoying what you got, relishing in every moment and cherishing all you had in the past. Thanks everyone for making my stay at Sirohi beautiful. 


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