Sunday, July 18, 2021

Book- Shiksha, My Experiments as an Education Minister

Being in Education Sector for a few years, I have decided to check out this book. Also, Delhi Government has changed the ways one perceives government schools because of their reforms and initiatives. There's a lot that the AAP Govt has done in the field of education. This book gives out  the journey of Delhi Education reforms. Beginning with the budget and proving they mean business when they say, they want to change the face of public education system in Delhi. 

The govt has focussed on infrastructure first, then leadership, teachers, community. Step by step, they worked in every  field that helps to attain better education. The book is easily understood by everyone. 

I enjoyed reading all the chapters but, the journey is written more about the achievements and less about the challenges that pushed them hard to stay convicted and strive for change. The last chapters Happiness classes and Entrepreneurship classes were written in detail explaining the challenges and the specific details they've gone through to make it happen. This book is just a tip of ice berg, there's a lot that can be learnt from this team.  Looking forward to read more in detailed accounts of how they brought changes in the education system. 

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