Monday, July 19, 2021

In dialogue with Abhinav

 Abhinav(changed name) is associated with theatre since many years. I got a chance to interact and find out his story. 

Hailing from a middle class family and growing up with a father who's inclined to art, Abhinav pursued drama. For five years, he tried to join in the National School of Drama as a student and in the sixth year, he got an opportunity to join as faculty. Since then, he continued to work with the National School of Drama till ten years. 

Retiring from the school, he freelanced for a few years and joined the foundation. 

Discussing on art, social media and experiences, I could get some interesting insights. Here's the conversation. 

AR: How do you see social media as a medium?

A: It has a immense potential to strengthen democracy. But, being influenced by power medium, it's sailing through it's own strides. It'll take it's own time to reach it's saturation point. 

We discussed how social media is altering the reality.

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