Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Soliloquy- Reflective thinking

Being in the field of education, we talk a lot about reading, writing. As an individual, what's reading and writing to me? 
I began writing diary from the age of 13. I enjoyed writing my thoughts on paper and read how I think. I had no one to share my thoughts, feelings and emotions hence, I began expressing them on the paper. From then, I enjoyed writing happy, difficult, sad emotions on paper. In early twenties, I stopped writing best and bitter moments telling myself that, it's tough to express them in words. I didn't knew that It was too tough to think through those emotions. 

I still continue writing diary. When we're teaching children to write diary, journal, leaving learning outcomes for a minute, can we think of  what do we expect from a child.? 

We can expect the child to become a reflective thinker by processing his thoughts, emotions and feelings of how he perceive the world. Somewhere we lose this simple thought of letting children reflective thinkers in the game of vocabulary, words, ways of expressions. 

For that, we need to reflect on writing and the value it has in our life. 

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