Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Soliloquies- Why I don’t drink tea

Because I never got conditioned to drink chai or tea. Growing up as a kid, I never saw mom preparing chai or coffee for us. It’s only made when we have guests at home. Even at that situation, tea is not for us but, only guests.

 Mom does not have a habit of drinking tea as she had a lot of other options. Grew up in a village with a lot of cattle and sheep, mom drank milk, if she had to. After getting married to Dad, she did not develop the habit either. Grandpa has the habit of drinking tea with a lot of ginger in it. I do not know if Dad had a habit of drinking chai during childhood. He hardly drank tea or coffee as a routine at home.

In the mornings, he wakes up too late to have a tea or coffee. Dad always came home late by the dinner time or beyond dinner time, so never saw him having coffee or tea at home. He does have tea at office and wherever he goes for the camps. But, not at home.

Back then, he neither used to demand for chai or coffee  at home. But now, he requests often.

Having no one who drinks tea or coffee, I never got inclined to both. Boost, Bournavita were my favourites all throughout my schooling days. When I got shifted to hostel, we had option of chai and milk. I chose the latter.  I began drinking cardamom tea during my corporate days.  After a while, I gave my friends company over lemon tea. Not a big fan of tea or coffee but sure, I’m interested in the stories of how tea and coffee made ways into our country.

Living in Hyderabad for long, I couldn’t resist to love Irani Chai, on a condition. Irani chai along with Osmania biscuit. Without Osmania biscuit, I don’t drink Irani chai.

If I’m insisted to have any drink, I choose coffee, thanks to Usha aunt who offers me best coffee whenever I go to her home.  I always have coffee whenever I visit her house, also anywhere in TamilNadu & Karnataka. Both states because of the best filter coffee I can get. Other ways, I choose not to drink anything.

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