Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Interesting thoughts- Ken Robinson's Finding your element

Ken Robinson's sense of humour and his style of speech is gripping. In the age of being distracted constantly, I didn't want to miss out any part of his 55-minute speech. It's quite educational on 'education. 

Major takeaways from his speech. 

To find one's element, one needs to have a big conception of aptitude. Right now, we live in cultures with a narrow conception of aptitude. 

We should learn about the classifications of our feelings but not imprisoned by them. These days, happiness is interpreted as material well-being. 

We have to think about, 'what makes us fulfilled?'

With Ken's engaging style, he shared about his family. An inspiring story on how his father and the whole family influenced to him be himself. 

Stories on Ellen McArthur is inspiring. Life happens in an organic way but not, in linear way. 

"Open yourself to the world around you and within you."

"Creativity should be given same treatment as literacy. "

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