Friday, July 10, 2020

Stories with Navnit

Navnit got a new book from the library. He ordered several books for the library. As soon as the new books arrived into the library, Navnit takes immense interest and keeps reading the books he already read thoroughly in the past. 

"Chaand ka Mooh Theda hai," written by Gajanan Mahadev Mukthi Bodh. It's a poetry collection. Navnit Ji shared how "His poetry is modernistic and depicted the change of society through imagery," shared Navnit ji on his writing style. Love the way the poet expressed the change in society using the moon. 

Discussing the poetry, we went on to discuss the life of poet.  

Mahadev married a girl named, Shanta against the wishes of his parents. He only wrote two books. At the end of his life, due to his political antagonism, he became popular and there were so many books written on him. 

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