Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Memories- Adventures on a lazy Sunday

On July 7. 2018, I walked out of home deciding to visit Abids for a heritage walk and later return home to get ready and attend Elsa's engagement. 
There'd be no story if everything would have happened as planned. Walked out of home, I did but, couldn't control the events that happened later during the day. 

By 11 am, I walked to Gunfoundry searching for the dilapidated barracks. I met the group led by Madhavi, an architect who took interest to share the history of various things around. We visited the at-present Mahbubia Girls School. On a lazy Sunday, I enjoyed walking around these old buildings listening to various anecdotes and stories shared by the fellow walkers. 

Later, we visited a museum nearby listening to the stories shared by the host. 3 years passed, I regret not blogging then. I cherish the experience but do not remember the details of the stories. 

There are various familiar people whom I only meet during these meetups. 
We spent most of the time at the museum and ended the heritage walk.  But, three of us, Haripriya, Phani & I were hanging out strolling in the streets of Abids. 
We walked into Lepakshi discussing the stories of Haripriya's and Phani's  travel stories. We discussed art of Adilabad and various craft stories. 

Further, we sneaked into a house looking at the vintage cars. We realized, we were in a private property. We intended to appreciate the beauty of vintage cars. We walked in. We clicked a lot of pictures. We were welcomed by a doggy. On a cloudy day, with an adventurous spirit, we decided to spend some time over lunch. 

On our way to a hubbly bubbly restaurant, we fantasized to sit in the signature open-top red cars showin in films for wedding scenes.

At the restaurant, we had our lunch sharing a lot of stories. I was sharing how I met A.R.Rahman. A story, I never get tired of sharing it. 

Contended by the turn of the events, I thought of my next plans. Looking at the clock, I realized, I have no time to return home and get ready for Elsa's engagement. Surprise, I was already at the venue.St.Joseph's Cathedral. But, I was in a t-shirt and jeans. Couldn't dare to attend  Elsa's engagement in such a shabby attire. 

With the help of Hari and Phani, went on to a quick shopping at Chermas searching for a bright kurta that would make up for the event.

 Suggested and advised by both, I was done with shopping. I got a bright orange Kurta. 

I was ready for Elsa's engagement. Both of my friends bid me farewell. I walked into a church before the bride and groom walked in for the engagement. 


Met Mugdha after a long time. End of the engagement. Nikita, Yojita, Pragjna and I were en route to our places. Pragjna promised Cream stone icecream but failed to keep up her promise. I would never stop cribbing about how Pragjna failed to keep up her promise until she treats us with a Cream Stone icecream!

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