Monday, July 20, 2020

Book- Swami and Friends by R.K.Narayan

I spent my childhood hearing of Malgudi Days. I fell on deaf ears being occupied with cartoons such as Talespin, Swat Cats, Power Rangers.  I remember watching an episode or two of 'Malgudi Days.'  I never knew the  Malgudi Days is based on a book, "Swami and Friends."

I got introduced to this book written by R.K.Narayan, thanks to Thara for the suggestion. 

It's a story of a 10-year-old Swami and adventures with his friends. 

This book takes us to Swami's world, the town of Malgudi set in the pre-independence period. Easy Reading is the hardest writing. R.K.Narayan has written it in a simple narrative. Simple narrative, it may seem but, it's interesting and charming. 

It gives us space to empathize with Swami and his friends. Swami's stint at M.C.C (Malgudi Cricket Club) reminded me of my childhood cricket memories.  Reading Swami's stories, I reminisced all my childhood memories. 

I never escaped from home but, got lost in an Exhibition. Like every child in India, I was ambitious to play cricket in the evenings. We had our own gangs. We made friendships without any agenda. We were jealous. We were selfish. We were ambitious. We were empathetic.  While writing this, I recollect all the friends I made in different schools, at different neighborhoods. 

This book will bring out all the childhood memories. 

It's highly recommended. Would love to read other writings of R.K.Narayan as well. 

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