Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thoughts- Conversation and Collaboration

In the book, 'Reclaiming Conversation,' Sherry Turkle talked about how conversation and collaboration brings out intellectual serendipity. I got reminded of the conversations I had that led to intellectual serendipity. 

I share such conversations with a lot of my friends. Meghana, Vedavrath, Shreya, Harry,  Samhita and Sruthi are few, with whom my conversations led to an effective collobaration coming up with creative ideas. During the beginning days of creating the TEDx community, Meghana and I used to hang out spending time talking to each other, indulging in rich conversations and  call it a day. It was from those conversations we built a lot of interesting activites, got creative ideas and made the community TEDxVNRVJIET.

"Through conversations comes the clarity," says Navnit. In the case of Shreya and I, I believe it to be right. We share a lot of ideas through conversations.  Most of the time, I listen, Shreya shares and I see the ideas being formed and imagination being churned. I love the ideation process Shreya takes up. Shreya is also the person who does things.  I procrastinated a lot of things as I was vulnerable to take up things I loved. Shreya inspires me in the way she handles herself and the ideas. It's again through conversations, a lot of ideas were shared and built on.

Harimohan Paruvu a.k.a Harry is one person I look up to for his words and  the way he leads his life. Conversations with Harry always trigger a lot of ideas. Through conversations, we bounce off our ideas. In fact, it was through conversations, we got a few ideas like, "Writing on what we learnt from others." 

We never looked for efficiency in conversations. We were there trying to share our thoughts to each other and be there giving each other undivided attention. 

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