Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Do's and don'ts at sirohi

Few do's and don'ts at Sirohi.

Before sunset check, if you have salt at home because after sunset, no one gives you salt.

They don't even sell the salt!

Do not get freaked out if you find oil can empty on Friday because people do not sell oil on Saturday. 

In general, we do not cook at night but, after lockdown, we went regular in cooking at home. We cook all sorts of food and we stock the groceries irregularly. At one such night, we didn't have our salt at our home. I  went out to buy it.


"People do not give salt at night!" exclaimed the shopkeeper. He also mentioned, "Neighbours don't even offer the salt at night!" 

"What do we do now?!" 
"Come at morning!" the shopkeeper mentioned. I was already imagining myself eating saltless food while I was listening to him sharing the reason. "Here, in Sirohi, people feel superstitious about giving salt to others after sunset. No one gives you salt!"

God bless the world!

Sharing such stories to other friends in Sirohi. They scoffed at me. "Don't you know this? People don't even buy oil at Saturdays."

Ohkay. Tiime to restock the oil now!

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