Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Thoughts- Identities

The world is on the brink of a revolution in the wake of another racist attack. It's a world issue. And I do not know how do I react to this. #Blacklivesmatter.

It's a matter of colour in this oppression.

In reality, what's the reason behind this oppression? Matter of identities?

I am black. I have an accent. I am a Madrasi.

Where are you from?

"Hyderabad," I say.

"Chennai?" People ask. These are not the uncles who studied about the Madras Presidency but, the kids who got google maps and scored well in their social science subject.

"Where are you from?" asks a colleague.
"Hyderabad." I say.

Abhinay x Tamil saves the contact in the phone.

"Whenever I call you, I listen to your language Malayalam," shares few colleagues.
I never bothered to debate or condemn. They do not know. They never bothered to make an effor to learn that there's a place beyond Madras.

Take it easy. Why do I need to learn? shows a few face expressions.

Well, that's the same voice that talks of India and sovereignty. Does one have to know whole India to be an Indian.

Let me confess, I am educated but, I am unaware of 7 northern states. I am ignorant. But I do not do mistake of identifying everyone to Manipur or Shillong. I listen. I ask. I make an effort to know and not to miscommunicate whenever I speak to them.

Where's Chattisgarh? Haryana? Punjab?  Do we know where's Ambala?
We group them as North Indians. They call us South Indians.
In the game of identities, we hurt each other depicting our egos.
We can only connect to each other when we are respectful of others' identities.

LGBT, women, Men, Hindu, Treat them with respect. Be humble.
These are the three things I tell myself, in order to respect other.
Do not assume things.
Ask out of curiosity
Do not confirm.

Not everyone is ambassador of their traditions.
Don't ask every Punjabi about Patiala peg.
Don't ask every Tamilian about Malayalam.


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