Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Stories with Navnit- Work!

On a long discussion with Navnit, he shared the history of  Trilochan,  emphasizing how our work should speak for itself.

There’s a Hindi dictionary developed by a group of individuals.  Trilochan is one of them. 

"He can be called as ‘father of the dictionary.’ as well," raised eyebrows Navnit, sharing how people respected him for his work. 

"Now, think of him. He is an ordinary clerk. A normal clerk who knew the words and value of words. 

Maanlijiye, his boss may have got a car, money, a good job but, do we know them?

Iska Keerhi ke saamne woh kuch bhi nahi aatha hai.

It's important to create something that will speak for itself. That's the reason. Focus on work and the work will speak for itself. Do not worry about the other noises." shared Navnit a piece of wisdom. 

Glad I got to know about Trilochan, the man behind the Hindi Dictionary. True, that our work speaks more than our lives. This reminds me of the quote by Benjamin Franklin,

               “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

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