Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To Madhukar Bhai who wished me good all my life.

Life is fragile. Life is fragile.
He saw me working every time.
Never read my work in all the time.
His support
His wishes
Pushed me to be my best.

Life is fragile. Life is fragile.

For he knew nothing about poetry or prose
But wished me ever to write whatever my heart said.

Life is fragile. Life is fragile.
Now I write to be my best
Not by my side
Not by my sight!
He is there for me to wish me luck
To wish me to be the best

Life is fragile. Life is fragile

For I heard it. I knew it
But never realised
Life is too fragile to miss him for evermore

Life is fragile
For his breathe was brought to a halt
Life is fragile
For he never uttered. Never ushered.

Life is damn fragile!
Enfeebled him. Exasperated him.
For I wished him to be on my side
To be on my side.
He already crossed the side and faded out of my sight.
Leaving the fragile life!
Life is fragile.
And Life is;

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