Monday, October 9, 2017

Stories on Wheels - Rainy ride

The thunders blared, signaling the rain. I looked out from the cab window and it started pouring. As the rain got started, the road got painted in red and yellow. Game of clutch, brake, and gears.

It rained and never stopped.

I was in awe of the weather gazing at the rain drops. It was hitting the glass straight. I could see the rain hitting straight to the wind shield and the wipers sweeping off the rain to clear the glass. The game of blurs and clear views. I could see the road. A beautiful sight.

As time passed, clouds did not pass. It was still pouring. We reached the city and it was drizzling by then. We were stuck in a long traffic. Plenty of time to spend on road, I listened to the Mozart for a while. Classics could not calm me for a long time. We reached halfway home in two and half hours. Halfway more to go. 

Had a good conversation with the driver. Watched random videos. Nothing helped to beat the boredom and the irritation to sit silent in the traffic.  I looked out at the roads. The roads are clogged up and wondered how the drain system could be redesigned. It needs to be replanted. Being in SUV, did not affect me much but, I could relate to the plight of the bike riders and pedestrians.

After a whale of time, I decided to walk as I realized I am never going to wade traffic through drive.

I began walking avoiding the main roads. Though muddy, I tried tip toeing in small roads. It was a deserted lane. I was walking focusing on the path.  A bike rider stopped questioning about my destination. ‘Hundred feet road,’ I mentioned. He offered me a ride. He was concerned about a fellow who was walking alone on the road.

I am grateful to receive kind help from everyone in this world.

I reached home after he dropped me half distance. In the muddy pants, I was grateful for the great experience I had. Glad I decided to walk rather than sulking at the cab.


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