Monday, October 30, 2017

TEDxYouthBrookefieldSalon- Zerowaste event

TEDxYouth@BrookefieldSalon, the only Youth+ Salon TEDx event in the country, was held on a bright sunday morning of the 29th of October at the B Block Overhead water tank park, in AECS layout.

Hetvee and Sid are the young and enthusiastic organizers of the TEDxYouth@Brookefield community. It's heartening to see the kind of work they're doing, inspiring the whole community.  Zero-waste event is what TED suggests in the organiser's guide of TEDx events but, I never saw any community, trying to do one. TEDxYouthBrookefield Community attempted  it and taught a great lesson to all the communities to pull our socks up and work  on the ideas that are most effective and most needful right now. 

In his own words, Sid explained how they organised the event, 

It was organized as well as curated by the youth.

The theme for this event, which is the second event in the Salon series, was 'Ecology and Us.' From ideas like Collaborative Consumption to Youth Activism to how events all over the world can become 'Zero-waste events' were discussed. 

The audience got enough and more time to question and converse with the speakers, thereby generating even more enriching conversations. 

And while one of the speakers, Mrs. Anu Govind, talked about 'Zero-waste events', the audience so happened to witness an example of it too, as the event was waste-free.

Few practices which we used include:

1.Clay Kullads for tea instead of Plastic or Paper cups. Supports indigenous businesses and can be used as potting medium or reused as well. 
2.Seed-paper hand bands were used instead of ID cards which always end up as a waste and most often contain plastic casings and lanyards. 
3.Cloth pieces upcycled to create cloth buntings as decor (borrowed from Neralu -Tree Festival) 
4.Water dispensers and metal cups instead of plastic bottles. 
5.Saplings as gifts instead of flower bouquets.

Also, no paper was used for brochures or invites (all were shared through email).

Amazing work TEDxYouth Brookefield team. More power to you!

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