Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hitchhiking stories- In dialogue with Shiva

I felt grateful when I got a ride in lorry. I  also felt grateful when I got a ride in BMW. We have a notion that we always run into bad people on roads.  That’s a lie. We also have a notion that lorry drivers are bad and can cause harm. Even this is also a lie. I wonder why we have these notions. May be we grew up with these kinds of events, messages around us. I’m sad that we weren’t told about the stories of so much goodness that happens around us all the time.

Be it Raja( Madurai) Prasad (Kurnool), Babu Khan(Mysore)  and many more. Everyone wish to spread some goodness and peace.

Meet Shiva who offered me a ride in his BMW. I feel grateful for the ride. Thanks Shiva for the ride. We spent some good time speaking about places, ancient monuments, culture. He  suggested me many places to visit. Most of the places are in North Kerala. I should visit them sometime.

Many more hitchhiking stories to come. Will be posting them soon.

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