Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hitchhiking Diaries- In dialogue with Dr. Balmohan Limaye

In the premise of temple, I found peace and lot of people’s presence. I strolled around, closely noticing the sculptures, stones and other structures.

I was at the premises and found elderly couple resting for a while. They seemed enthusiastic, curious. The old person was concerned and taking care of his wife while she was busy being a good observer.

At first, we exchanged smiles. And then words.
“You should visit places with company, then you can share.”

“I do share a lot sir with everyone who cross my path!” I told him. I'm more comfortable with solo traveling than traveling with anyone. I feel I'm meant to travel alone.
And we continued the conversation. He is Dr. Balmohan Limaye, professor  at IIT Dharwad. He got retired at IIT Bombay. He was called to teach again at IIT Dharwad. He is full of energy engaging in a conversation with wit and wisdom. We spent a lot of time talking about prevailing situations in classrooms. He taught me about fractal structures.

I feel grateful to learn something from him. He’s full of charm and energy. I wanted to know his age. And I guessed him to be in 60’s. To my surprise he is 73 years old. He’s inspiring!

He also suggested me this book to know more about Hampi.
Balmohan's suggested book.  Book by John M Fritz & George Mitchell
We strolled around talking a lot about many things. He shared his love story with me. There’s lot of enthusiasm when he talks about his love. He met his wife at Tata Fundamental Science.

“People suggested her to see me in campus. She never bothered. I got to know her and we met and slowly things went well.  After we few years we decided to marry. The person who suggested my wife questioned her.

“I told you to look at him. You said, No! Now you’re marrying him only!

“I didn’t knew him back then. Now I know him!”

"After knowing him also, are you sure you want to marry him.?” retorted her mentor.

Through hearty laughs and honest conversations we spent next few minutes sharing our lives.

With Dr. BalMohan and his wife.

Finally, It was time for me to move on. We parted in different directions. He wished me good luck for all my works. I had nothing to say except smile. I’m glad I met him and made a  good conversation.

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