Saturday, October 14, 2017


Going through the old files, a folder streaked on desktop named 'Presentations.' Title of my presentation in that folder was, 'Horrible Happy Life.' Looking at it, I could see many dots laid randomly in my life. As we can only connect the dots looking backwards, I looked backwards and started connecting the dots.

One conversation is what I cherish, celebrate it, for it gave me immense pleasure experiencing heartfelt conversations.
April 9. 2015
A 10 minute long conversation is what I cherish, for it was an influencing one, heart felt one, honest one. It was a conversation with the sweet brat, Samhita P.R

It was a long pavement a.k.a 'Lords Pitch' for it's own reasons. I was passing through, to reach court. I was wished by juniors over there. It was during end of the semester, It was common to us to know how bad one is at, to save the semester, to reach minimum 65% at least to pay condonation fee.

Starting with a casual conversation, given a little time on watch to leisure, I sat with my friend asking how interesting the life is.  Soon after we shared few thoughts on how to save the sinking 'attendance' ship, train of thoughts landed at the happiness in one's life.

She revealed then how she was planning to run away, seeking hiatus in life. Though she never did that, she really intended to do it. Such was her intention and intensity in her thoughts. I was intrigued listening to her sadness. It seemed more interesting, and we delved into a long conversation discussing about what makes us happy, what makes us sad, what do we crave for, in life? It was a heartfelt conversation. If she's reading this she'd be wondering why I'm so crazy about the one conversation among many conversations we had.  

So intrigued I was with the brat hero, That's how I call her, "hero". I penned words describing her life. That's the night when 'In between the bridge' poem was inked. So motivating was those words, "In between the bridge", it became title of my 1st novel,

I may not celebrate my birthday, but April 9th is the day I celebrate for the conversations we made, For the bond we share.

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