Monday, November 14, 2022

Thoughts- Asking and what it takes!

 Many call me opportunist. Many call me free loader. May be I'm all that as well. Hitchhiking on roads for days has taught me a lot about asking which I could never learn in my school or anywhere during my childhood. 

The act of asking puts me out in a place where I have to be open to all judgements, open to all the  responses. A few may acknowledge my requests, a few may ignore them, a few may mock me, a few may laugh at me, a few may ridicule me, a few may have no  idea what I'm upto. 

I'm striving to be equanimous with the all kinds of responses I receive. More to delve and introspect as I go through this whole asking journey. 

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  1. I believe its a great indication of your adaptability, flexibility which I think is the most valuable asset any human can aspire to have. And asking for help is the greatest of leadership traits. So in my opinion you're on the right track - its not freeloading if you ask and they agree willingly.


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