Monday, November 21, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Table Top Games

I was late by an hour, only to find Puneet with one more person, Diwakar, who showed up for the board games. Together, we played sequence, a game where we are meant to  make sequences. The one who does the first sequence wins the game. 

Later, Diwakar and I played it and I lost the game. Maitrey joined us and we played a board game, carcassonne, named after a walled city in France. This game spanned around 40-50 minutes and it was not so boring, not so interesting either. 

At last, we played The Mind game, the first game I ever played at Table Top. I enjoyed working with the numbers. As soon as we closed the game, we bid bye and left. Thanks Puneet, for hosting this at this beautiful space, Maah. 

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