Monday, October 25, 2021

Stories on Wheels- Take it Easy Uncle & Aunt set to fly

I never saw Mumbai airport at it's peak hours. All the people are flying to their work destinations, holidays and other places from Mumbai. It was all chaos. Amidst chaos, after waiting for ten minutes in the cue, we got a chance to put things out of our bag. As we stood keeping our laptop, camera, cables in trays. The trays were too many with a little conveyer belt to handle. We waited there 10 more minutes. 

As I sent all my belongings into the scanner and waited for four people to walk into the security scan to get scanned by the stern CRPF. I got my turn. I took a step forward, cutting the line and stopping me to move forward, came uncle who looked forward  and walked beside me into it. His walk flaunted the the confidence and casualty at the same time. I think the confidence let him to be so casual to think, he can cut the lines, ignore the crowd who're standing in queue. I was not angry but, curious of how innocently he was ignorant about all the processes.  

He walked with his waist coat on, a towel over his neck and a lot of gold he's carry. The CRPF thing got beeped. He removed some coins, some ring, each pocket he had some junk in it. 

At once, he was about to remove his belt and the pant was coming down. At ease, he was removing them and there were too many things that the CRRPF had to get the tray  to collect and send it in the scanner. I couldn't stop my laughing. I laughed a bit concealing my laugh through the mask. I though how innocent he seemed. Soon after him, joined aunty who came with a handbag on her shoulder. 

The uncle had to join the queue again sending the tray full of coins, trinkets, red towel and a lot more papers. 

 I could totally understand the plight of the new flyers. 

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