Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Anjali & I- Birthday number 14

 I promised Anjali that I'd join her when she celebrate her 13th birthday. Due to COVID, I couldn't make it. This year, I'm glad I could make it. Just as I finished my work trip, I headed to wish Anjali. 

I walked into the spreading front yard and walked into the house. Little Anjali showed up with a beaming smile. Happy to see her after such a long time. Her favorite Jyo maushi was present. While the adults were engaged in the conversations. Anjali introduced Akela to me. I've been following the way Anjali met Akela, Zor & Zindagi. Finally, I got a chance to meet the mom, Akela. 

Anjali and I went on to prepare a drink for us. While I was enjoying the tang, Anjali caught up on phone talking to all her well wishers. Later, both of us sat to do a little sketching. Anjali with her waves and myself with the lines. 

Mansi, Anjali's best friend walked in to spend the day with the birthday girl. While Anjali and Mansi had their own time. Harry and I caught up in conversations. 

Anjali and Mansi were too involved to come out for a break. They were making soaps from the material they've ordered through Amazon. I joined them and made two soaps. Mix of Blue and green color, I made  two soaps, with lavender fragrance. 

Chimu and Anjali's Chechi joined us for the cake cutting. Sloka sent a cake. All of us gathered for the cake cutting and had a lot of laughs listening ABBA. 

Vajra, Mansi, Anjali and I caught up with series of Scotland Yard games.  Anjali won the first game. Mansi also did a great job. Vajra was gracious to let me be the Mr. X and win the last game. However, I messed up the game unintentionally. By the time, we were done with our celebrations, the time was already past midnight. 

Thanks Anjali for having me. Had a great time celebrating your birthday. 

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