Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Holiday with Harry- Less Stress More execution

I called up Harry to tell him, "I want to be there on Anjali's birthday."

"Yes. We can catch up. Come." replied Harry. Reading Anjali's' blog on her OKRs, I mentioned, "Anjali has written OKRs in a simple and clear manner." 

"Yeah, she's very clear about them. I like the way she's approaching it." He mentioned the process. "Anjali has thought of getting published. She recently got published in US based publication.

Her Objective was to get published. Key results were about daily blogging, writing poems and other things. Soon after I could see a lot of blogs of her to read. And also, slowly she began writing poems. She put efforts in getting published. At the same time one of her cousin was getting published. She managed to discuss with her and discussed. Sent it for review. Two of her poems got published in good publication. 

That's the key. She didn't wait for small tinkle you g world. She managed to e3ecectue and get it done rather than getting stressed for it. Time to learn from Anjali's and work on OKRS Thanks Harry and explaining. And Thanks Anjali for detailing it out. 

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