Friday, October 15, 2021

Soliloquies- As empty as it gets to be filled.

 On a festive day, I woke up late at 10.30 am, noticing the still fan. There's power cut in the house. For a long time, there seems to be a power cut in the house. Thanks to coal crisis. I got out of bed, freshen up  and after a long time, I felt I'm on a holiday.  Earlier I took two months attending family, leaving the professional work. In the span of those two months, I have seen a death in the family, fell sick, been with family and grieved through out, travelled to attend the work. 

After resettling in Jaipur after 50 days, this holiday seemed to be a proper holiday to spend time with myself, all by myself.  I looked at my long note book and went on with my morning pages. It's a good start on a holiday. Soon after some writing, I went on with painting. I forgot about the food and I painted for hours. 

Calm cozy holidays reminds me of friends who always insisted me to enjoy the calmness the holidays bring rather than buzzing around everywhere during holidays. Today, I'm all alone with my own company, enjoying to do things I enjoy to do, for the sake of doing it. Good day. 

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