Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Soliloquies- Context pleas

 Comes the  white man asking for more

Greedyy to take things home

He made a ship out  of me

When I look at my journal at times, I'm surprised by what I write. Reading out the  below lines, I was surprised on why I wrote this. This is about nature but, very incoherent. Putting it here to reflect more in the future. 

Grazed out the house

And cleared out the land

As white man put the line on the roads 

He needed me to  support down

Didn't end with the down

But also covered everything with me

The cut the trees and drop away in Ganga


If monkey eats one fruti

What should it eat the rest of the time. 

The scavengers  on road

The carcass is all there lying around

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