Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Book- ART MATTERS by Neil Gaiman

When I went to crossword, I found a lovely row filled with cushioned seats. I searched for small books to finish them in one sitting. While I was browsing, I could find this ART Matters by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Chris Riddell. 

It is divided into two parts. One is on why we need to introduce books to children. Other is how to practice whatever art we're practicing. In the first part, Neil discusses about how we think, argue, debate, discuss through word. Be it any art, we can either agree, disagree, debate, argue, appreciate through our thoughts. The finer we articulate our thoughts, the better we can communicate with others. With this dialogue, communication, we can avoid other means(violence) when we want to disagree. 

In the second part, Neil talks about  why we need to create, how we need to look at our work. He also had a tip for  the free lancers. Neil talks about being artists, he says, "We do not know what's gonna happen and there's no certain pattern. That gives us endless possibilities. That's scary but, also fun. In other works, there's a certain pattern or limited possibility."

I like the way he described on what it is to be an artist.

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