Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Soliloquies- Impactful words

Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership

In a six-minute talk, he triggers a lot of memories that had impacted me in my life. Memories caused by people who may never knew that they had impacted my life just like, how Drew Dudley shares his story in this talk. Weaving the anecdote with the glittering finishes on leadership, this talk helps us to reflect on how we look at leadership and how we may impact a lot of lives by redefining the way we look at leadership.

Few stories from the memory Lane.

During my Engineering Days, many of my friends bought a laptop and they hardly used laptops for studying purposes. CAD, Katia and a lot of softwares can be learnt suggested seniors. But, I knew I was not keen to put extra efforts in learning those softwares. So I postponed the idea of buying the laptop. Buying a laptop worth 50,000 was a lot back in 2012. However, over the years, in 2014, I wished to have a laptop, as I began to work on various tasks and wished to own a laptop to increase the productivity.

“I need a laptop Dad.” I asked him.

Already I had a desktop which I got to watch movies, listen to songs and play NBA. I did everything except for any study purposes. I wished to have a mobile laptop.

“When do you want it?” He asked. Knowing the situation in house, I said, I’ll take my time. Dad interrupted me and said, “Dabbulu eppudaina vasthayi, if you want it, I’ll get it somehow.” He mentioned.

I was shocked by his words. Knowing the tough situation at home, it was tough for me to ask but, my Dad was ready to go for an extra mile to meet my needs. His words meant all the love and care he had on me. He wanted me to grow. I always had a respect. I could never live a life for him nor worked on his dreams. He was okay with it. I always made him feel compromised on his dreams. I wish I make him feel proud once.





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