Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Thought for the day- Writing

 I talk alot about writing my book, my blog, my reflections but, hardly I write. Whenever I want to blog, I think if my thoughts words are worth publishing. Before even I sit to write, I procastinate the task, underestimating my thoughts. 

Today, I was going through a stack of papers. There are several thoughts I'm amused of. Did I think in this way,  I thought. I'm glad I penned those thoughts. Because of my self doubt, I do not how many thoughts, I have ignored, waiting for the valued thoughts. It's time I write rather than thinking so much about writing. Today, I felt strong about my ability to write. I have the best tool. I can write all my worries, fears, nightmares and come out of them. For a moment, I felt I had the power to steer through fears through writing. 

It's time, I write rather than thinking much about writing. 

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