Thursday, March 25, 2021

Soliloquies- Overwhelmed

Two years back, on this date, 25th March (2019) I landed at Sirohi along with Dyu. Reflecting on the journey I'm overwhelmed by the experiences and learnings I'm having here. One of the main reasons to leave Hyderabad was to finish the memoir draft I began. 

With in these two years, I finished the first draft, got suggestions, improvised it and have the manuscript done. Working on the manuscript with the help of editor, I attempted a lot of times to focus and work. Procrastinated it several times. After struggling for several days tonight, I pushed myself to sit at the desk and write out all my confusions and think of them. 

After a long time, I stayed overnight working on my writings. Tonight as I look at the watch blinking 3.51 am, I cherish all those nights I used to sit with pen and paper and struggle to write stories and experiences. 

In these two years, I managed to write this draft but, skipped journaling a lot of experiences. I wish I make a writing routine and be regular at writing. 

Right now, looking at the screen and the words I typed, I'm overwhelmed by the progress. Grateful to everyone who believed in me when I was struggling to overcome my self-doubt. 

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