Sunday, March 7, 2021

Little things I learnt- Learn and Unlearn

On TEDxHYderabad Live night 2016, I walked out of the room interacting with breaking the ice with an  elderly person. What do you do? He asked.
I'm graduating in mechanical engineering. Over discussion, we discussed what's the future of the mechanical engineering graduates.

"You don't need to stick to what you have studied just because you spent four years in it," he said. 

"Really? Can I do that?" I was curious.

"Yes. I'm a civil engineer, worked in IT, working in management, and I may do something else in five years." he shared his piece of advice. "You need to unlearn, learn and keep learning."

At that point of time, I needed those words to believe that at the end of the  day a few years of education can't dictate what  my life is  going to be. 

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