Sunday, March 28, 2021

Gratitude Tales

 I walk in and I got a cushioned sofa to sit. Shelves of books to read. I can pick any books. Books that remind me of the times I have bought those books. A few books I bought in college, a few books that remind me of my ex, a few books that I wanted to read but, never touched. 

I walk further, I enter kitchen. I have everything I want to eat in Kitchen. Ice creams, chocolates in the fridge. Fruits on the tables, nuts in the boxes. I walk out of the house, I have a dog that is tailing me through out the day. Trying to hug me all the time. Today, Mike was trying to play and tore my shirt as well. 

I get to have all these things in my life. I feel privileged. Every time I come home from Rajasthan, I tell myself that I'm privileged. Grateful to have all these in life. 

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