Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In dialogue with Srikanth- Hobbies and interests

Srikanth called and shared his new hobby in a passionate voice, “I’m dabbling with origami and I’m enjoying it.”

 I met Srikanth during intermediate(2010) years.  Srikanth, Abhilash and I are a trio. Three of us are at three different places, Bangalore, US and Rajasthan.  Three of us are pursuing three different things, Software industry, automotive industry and Education. Three of us are a lot different yet, have a lot of similarities in our interests.

Caught up over a call with Srikanth after months.  Both of us shared what we're doing these days. Not about work, not about the big feats in life but, the little hobbies we're picking up. Srikanth is dabbling with origami and is keen to pursue it whenever possible. “At the end of the day, these little things are what gives us happiness.” he shared. I'm happy to listen to Srikanth all day, for he shares his interest with passion. Often, I love to be amongst people who're  passionate about whatever they're into. Whatever they share, there's a passion and a craving to share what they've discovered anew. Srikanth's new found hobby is Origami. 

Till I listened to him, I knew origami as just a craft.  But, when he began explaining about it, I had my jaws dropped in surprise, trying to relate the science as well as math behind it. He mentioned about Robert Lang, a guy from NASA, in his 70s getting into origami for full time.

Srikanth discovered Robert Lang’s origami and got interested in it. Slowly, he spent time on it, learning origami as well about it. Talking about Satoshi Kamoiya’s art, Srikanth mentioned, “Sometime in life, I want to do it.” 

How often are we passionate about things we do. Why do we always want to be passionate in the work we do but, not passionate about the little things we do.  Yes, there are high chances that we may are not as passionate as we're about in later stages. I know Srikanth for ten years. He takes interests in a few things. Whatever he's interested in, he always is passionate about them. Be it classical music, science experiments or this new craft, origami. 

We discussed a lot on classical music. I got to know many new artistes. Sudha Raghunathan, Maharajapuram Santhanam, a lot of song suggestions as well.  I find it awkward to mention, 'thanks' to Srikanth for, I shared my gratitude with him. I'm elated and grateful to have him in life for I am always inspired by the passion he lives with. 

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