Friday, November 20, 2020

Travel Diaries- Confirmation Bias.

I returned to my hometown during holidays. On a work I travelled to Tirupati. To reach my destination, "PS4 Restaurant" I asked a auto guy.  

"Do sou rupiya" he told.

I haven't spoken a word in Hindi. Neither I spoke in Telugu. Why did he confirm me as Hindi guy. I thought. 

"Hundred." I told him in English.

"Woh restaurant 9 km door hai." He explained me again in Hindi. 

"200 anta. Veldhama vadha," I asked my sister. He was surprised to see me speaking Telugu. I was surprised to see him being surprised by shattering his notion that I am non- telugu guy.

"Why did you speak to me in Hindi," I asked.

Neeru adagadamlo tadabaduthunte bayata vaalu anukuna. You're stuttering a bit before asking me, so I assumed you're an outsider.

Bayatonne kaani Hindi e matlade bayatonni kaadhu. Outsider I'm but not someone who speaks Hindi, I explained. 

We reached restaurant and this hotel guy speaks to me in English.  Don't  I look like a Telugu person in least percentage???

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