Thursday, November 12, 2020

Meet the tinkerer

I went to various cycle shops to check on my gear cycle. There's this guy who repairs gear cycles well. Go there. People suggested and I cycled 10 KM to reach his shop. I showed my cycle to him.  "Come after an hour." said the guy. "By the time I go home and return here, it'll be an hour. I'll stay here only." I answered.

Curious about his work, I stayed and observed. 

He got the cycle on stands, took out a beedi. Smoked it well and puffed it out. Holding the brakes, gear wires, he observed checking everything. He oiled it and began his work. 

"Sahaaana Swaase veecheno," he hummed the song, throughout the work. 

There's a huge difference between competence and performance. I may have learned gear mechanisms but, I cannot tinker with the gears for efficiency. A keen observer, he adjusted the brakes, fitted everything for a smooth ride.

Thanks, man for the service!


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