Sunday, November 22, 2020

Instagram after a long time

Why should I be rigid about not using social media? Let me log in, I thought, and installed the Instagram application. It's been 120 days, there were a lot of changes and developments in the application, I took a few seconds to check out all the options. 
When I got on to Instagram, I only wanted to know what 4-5 artists have created and shared during those 120 days. 

Swiped the screen, I had stories by friends with bits and pieces of opinion over a statement. There's no context but, crisp opinions and arguments on 'overwork.'  Friends had opinions on the opinion other had and the time span of the whole story is less than ten seconds. After scrolling for a few pictures in the feed, I discovered there's a lot of things I really do not care about. 

"It's been long since I posted anything. So here it is." "Just to maintain symmetry." And many more taglines with a lot of smiling and happy pictures. Having no one beside yet, hanging out with each other virtually. Everyone was trying hard to stay connected. I am not any good. I signed up to stay connected as well. But, what do I share? What do I share with all the people who are on my list? Before I act on my thoughts, I observed that my thoughts were strayed, seeking validations.  I thought, what do they want to hear, rather than what do I like to share?

I posted a few scribblings and drawings. I wanted to share beyond just a picture or any art because the purpose of sharing the art was to share the story or start a dialogue on it. I failed to do it over Instagram. 

I installed Hootsuite, Social media scheduler to schedule the upload of the pictures. I picked a few best visually appealing pictures. Write a few lines and scheduled them. I realized that those pictures would just tease others to know what I do but, still stifle what I really do and what I'm doing.  I didn't intend to do any of these sorts but, I was very automatic in portraying such personality on social media. 

I'm curious of my acts. Let me observe how I'm going to act on social media from now on. 


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