Sunday, November 1, 2020

Movie- Naal

A movie that explores the relations between a mother and a son.

The protagonist of the movie, Chaitya lives in a village far away from the urban hustle.  The kid has to cross the river, take a bus and then a train to visit his Grandma's village. He travels a long way to attend school. Living in such a rural place, the kid spends his time playing with other kids, listening to stories from his Grandma. A usual happy life. Only until his uncle enters into the story.  

His uncle shares a secret that changes all the dynamics of relations. Should watch the movie to know the rest of the story. 

The kid(Shrinivas Pokale) is a huge surprise. His acting and the way he brought out the complicated expressions is unbelievable. The whole cast did their work well. Brilliant casting as well as acting by all of them. 

Without any songs, the background score has done its brilliant work evoking emotions through its score. 

I loved the way the shots were framed. Most of the shots were trailing the characters and that triggered me to think from their perspective. Did the shots triggered me to empathize with characters, I don't know.

**********Spoilers ahead!****

The story gave out various dimensions regarding motherhood. Why did his mom ignore him? Is it respect for another mother to disregard his own son as she gave up on him? What's she going through when she gave up her son. The kid is disappointed all throughout. All his attempts to reach his mom shows how he badly wanted her attention. It's surprising to see how his mom does not acknowledge him. 

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