Sunday, November 22, 2020

In-person Conversations

Overcall, mom always advises and tell everything that I should do and what I ought to do, no matter what. Keep your clothes clean. Eat fruits. Sleep early.  However, when I come home, the conversations go beyond the pieces of advice. She's contended to have me at home. Casually, she cuts the fruit, offers me, and sits beside me. "Abhi..." She starts and shares how she learned cooking, how her father sent her to school. How she learned to read and write.   

Spending days at home, I go and disturb her in Kitchen. Strike a conversation with her. Talk to her. Listen to her. Every time I listen to her in person, I realize how important are these few moments, where we share in-person conversations. Being far away at places, how often do we sit and talk being oblivious of all the worries we got. Video call, Voice call. Nothing can substitute the effect of in-person conversations.  

Today, mom shared how she grew spiritually. How she learned prayer.  How she dealt through all the struggles she had when I was small. 

As I pack my bags to return to my workplace, I carry these memories to drive away from the loneliness. 

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