Saturday, October 5, 2019

Stories on Wheels- Day-2- Kumbalgarh

 Deprived of sleep, I took comfort in a cozy soft blanket and dozed off. In less than 3 hours, at 6.30 AM, Azhar walked near me dragging me out to witness the sunrise. 

We were surrounded by hills. I walked out carrying the blanket to beat the cold and watched everyone awake, looking at the sunrise.

Am I the only one who wanted to sleep?!

Swathi was out on the terrace, Garima at the window, Azhar & Aman on a stroll waiting for the sunrise. Shankar seemed to be in search of his tonic. Everyone was awake. Watching the tinge of orange over the hills shook me up from the sleep. Sunrise over the hills was therapeutic.

I walked up to the terrace to watch out the sun heading over the hills. Azhar signaled for a trek. All of us followed. We rushed to the hills and realized, we do not have the energy for such a long trek. We changed the destination to a lake. 

Six of us headed towards the lake. Pleasant waters, bordered by little hills, a long stretched giving the best view of the lake. We settled there at the lake. I slept over the cemented beam, watching out the clouds, hills, and the water. Shankar, Swati, Aman & Azhar were stubborn ongoing for a trek. They explored a few places while Garima and I tailored stories out of these four people’s actions. 

Peasant, Sarojini Naidu, Bapu & Thakur, we named them and went crazy with all the stories.

Shankar and I also played the game of ‘What shape is the cloud?’  

Calm, the lake looked but, we listened to some scary and sad stories. A group of four friends drove in a car and fell into the lake. The car got drowned at the corner of the lake. After a few days, bodies floated at different spaces in the lake. Deep, the lake looked. Wonder what all it holds under its belly!

After the usual photo session at a scenic place, we headed for Chai. “Abhinayyy,” texted Shreya. I realized that it’s important that I wanted to listen to her. I called her and began talking. “Better walk towards the resort side, we’ll pick you up,” suggested friends. 

Listening to my friends, I walked towards the resorts. Shreya on phone shared the happy news about her marriage. Celebrating the joy, we began talking. 

Pleasant morning, surrounded by hills and meadows, I began walking while talking to friends. I walked 7km talking to her. 

As soon as I reached the resort, I jumped into the pool rejuvenated by cool water. 

A 2-hour-play in the pool, we had great fun. Soon after the swim, I went for a shower. Refreshed, I settled on the swing, watching the tree and the sun rays slithering through the branches and leaves of the tree.

The magic of being. Experiencing the tree shade and the wind, I wished to spend the whole day there itself. Change is the only constant. We got our lives engaged in various other things, through which we strive to make meaning out of our lives.

 Wrapping up the holiday, we packed, laughed, hugged each other and headed to our places. Time well spent. 

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