Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stories from Sirohi

We spoil the future of the kids with the theories that cloud our actions. We cripple the children by pushing notions on them. "We need to control children, if not they're uncontrollable." "We're responsible for their growth. The family is responsible for their traits." We bring Us and Them and blame. Them. 
Nanu and I spent the 1st hour in the library. We have cards that I put aside to play with first-class kids.  "Thodi der Khelo na," she requests while I get ready for the class. She put the cards aside and distribute them.  She plays the vegetable vendor role. I play the seller role. "Bhindi Lelo. Sabji Lelo!!!" she shouts. 

"Kya hai aapke paas?" I ask and she offers what she has and I am obliged to buy things by handing out the cards she offered. While I run out of money,  she redistributes the cards.  "Ye Tumhara. Ye Mera." And we repeat it until one of us leaves the room. (She never leaves!)  

Today, I thought I have to make up a story to convince her and run away from her. But, I decided to be honest. I told Nanu, "I have little work. I need a little time!"

And she nodded! "Teek Hai." 

She listened to my situation and sat next to me watching me plan for the day. I didn't expect such response from Nanu. I assumed that, kids need to be told lies to escape from them. I was wrong. Kids can understand us. We don't need to underestimate them. .

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